Mission Statement

The Umpqua Cannabis Association is a non-profit association representing business and public interest in regard to the cannabis industry in Oregon and the Umpqua Valley. The UCA was formed to promote and support a legal regulated cannabis industry in Douglas County that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the harms of legal marijuana. UCA seeks to generate wealth and prosperity through sustainable living wage jobs, and revenue generate for governmental services through sustainable living wage jobs, and revenue generate for government services through taxes and fees. UCA seeks to create an industry based on core American values of freedom, justice, hard work, innovation, competition, accountability, and compassion.

Statement of Principles

The cannabis industry should empower family farms and small businesses because that will maximize the economic benefits of this industry for our communities.

The emerging cannabis industry is a good fit for Douglas County because of our suitable climate, adequate water, reasonable prices and available labor. Revenue generated by the emerging cannabis industry can offset losses from declining timber payments.

We seek to advance the interests of local farmers and processors in competing in the statewide market and to position our area to be competitive when federal law allows interstate commerce.

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